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Check back soon for updates.  The menu above doesn’t work at the moment, but click here to access our product page demo (we’re not ready for your online orders yet!) .  See y’all at the TAG Fall cave-in – we’ve got a HUGE SALE and a contest for you.  Stay tuned!


September 6, 2012 Uncategorized

Re-Branded: Long and painstaking process for a 20 year old hat brand


ALL YOU CHILLI HEADS OUT THERE: Coming to Retailers Fall 2014
Almost time to roll into production in Alabama, USA on C.H.2.0. The time has come, desions&designs made and the next 20 years will be an amazing journeys. I am sure it will be taking us to life’s peaks, pits and even treks into the valley. The vision transformed when my Jk3 retail path ended, so I could focus on the way to take responsibities and ownership of the Chilli Heads business: past present and now, finally the FUTURE. WOOOhoooOoo here we go!!! I am humbled at the responsibility of being The Head Chilli Heads and thrilled by the markets (the people) who call themselves Chilli Heads.The are awesome spirits who are contributors to the flare of our brands identity. Now I finally get “the hat” and love my leggings! Stay warm out there this winter and spring, as we sew our new designs…our new products will be rolled out this spring! One at a time…to you Chilli Heads, right here.
Kim Smith

December 10, 2013 Uncategorized

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2013


Two years of shows in Salt Lake City and I have 4 shows under my harness now!!! The outdoor industry is form by all of these relationships, with deep history, friendships of adventure and bottom line we are all here with the common goal to make money at the end of the day. NO MONEY IS ACTUALLY REALLY EXCHANGED HERE, just smiles, high fives and behind closed doors, who know what kind of deals are made. The internet has changed traditional business and women and men seem to be equals to there peers here…there are the Bro&the Brahs! IT IS ALL A BIT LIKE HIGH SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN…just to be metaphoric. Off for my last day of the show. Leaving a day early, because I am good like that…NO BOOTH TO BREAK DOWN&crates to pack, woohooo (last year for that)!

August 1, 2013 Uncategorized

Propex Fabrics Curv™ C100A Polypropylene/Polypropylene Thermoformable Composite


May 25, 2013 Uncategorized

Natural wool fibers


April 24, 2013 Daily labor

Big boy day at the gym!!!


Bo’s new Organic chalk bag!


Samples in from US fabric and fur manufacturers first–Of course!

So many color my creativity feel a boost:-D and I am happy. My am blessed with a talent to design–thankful and working hard to do Chilli Heads right.

February 7, 2013 Daily labor

Revisions&Pantones are finally except


The chilly is a C, well almost–GAWD!!! LOGO got major tweaking to do! The hand is always better than the computer in this case! There is a happy control freaky designer in me. Love the process of creation…

January 18, 2013 Daily labor

I can’t bear the process of branding by myself!


Thank gawd for the honesty of the professional branders&designers. STILL NOT RIGHT&The Chilli Heads® signature logo needs major tweaking–market research says the chilly must be more of a C shape. I see it, but they don’t. Marketing research is a brutal process of highs&lows. Never-the-less, this time, I will prevail. It is time, money&an emotional roller coaster. So, for this FRIDAY, IT IS TO BE CONTINUED–these colors made me physically ill&the cropping is off too on these 1st prints. They look so different on paper:-( IMPORTANT DETAILS to HONOR the BRAND, for we love our customers. Long live Chilli Heads–“Bear the Chill” SO WHAT DO YOU THINK…? Input welcome, PLEASE!!! KBS


I can tie a knot


January 15, 2013 Uncategorized

Home page is all that is working, just yet!!!


I am so amazed that I am actually excited about this web site. I have developed basic knowledge of e-commerce&a extremely talented web designer(that could “hold my hand”) has taken the fear&anxiety out of the having a web-based business. I am sadly proud that I avoided this for 3 years; None-the-less, I FINALLY excepted that this was an important part of the equation for a successful national launching of the Chilli Heads® brand. Big thank yous to Susan Bryant the founder of Chilli Heads® who spent 20 years branding, selling, developing&marketing a line that provides a comfortable experience in pursuit our outdoor passions. It is a well loved brand that is valued by many in their quest of many outdoor activities–from kayaking, caving, cycling, rock climbing to mountaineering.

January 7, 2013 Daily labor